Paralysis ticks are prevalent on the eastern seaboard of Australia and just one can be fatal to your dog or cat. Tick prevention products like Bravecto or Frontline are crucial during the season as they can kill ticks once they start feeding, however these products are not 100% effective, so we recommend daily searching in addition. Paralysis ticks have to be attached for three days before the paralytic effects set in, so in order to judge whether or not your pet is sufferring from tick paralysis look for these symptoms:


  • Change in voice

  • Stumbling or weakness of the legs

  • Vomiting

  • Excessive salivation

  • Difficulty in breathing


If any of these symptoms are seen, call us ASAP.


Prevention is much better than waiting to treat tick paralysis, so please give us

a visit to chat about the best products for your pet.

Scale of a paralysis tick that has been attached for three days or more.