Weight Management

Up to 59% of pets are overweight.


Weight management for pets can be a long term process but can give you great return on quality of life. Increased weight increases the stress on joints and organs, and can lead to a variety of problems if unchecked including arthritis, diabetes and organ failure.


Weight is best reduced and controlled through three factors; monitoring, controlled feeding and exercise.



Feel free to monitor your pets weight using the scales in the clinic at any time. We can record their weight on our system so you can keep track of their progress easily.



Giving your pet controlled portions when feeding is an easy way to help them lose weight. We also recommend the Hills metabolic diet for overweight animals as it has been proven to successfully help pets lose weight.



As in humans, weight loss is most effective in pets when combining controlled feeding with exercise. It is generally recommended that dogs walk at least 30-45 minutes a day. It is harder to control exercise with cats but stimulation with toys can help, as well as elevated areas for the cat to jump to.