We offer a variety of treatments for your pet at Manly Vet Clinic, ranging from preventative and routine procedures and health checks, to emergency care and surgery.

Wellness Exams

15 minute health checks with Dr Jason. We advice yearly wellness exams that can be done as part of your vaccination schedule.


Spey & Castrate

Available for cats, dogs and rabbits.


Emergency Care


We advise an annual vaccination schedule for your pet. Please look at our cat, dog and rabbit vaccination pages for more details.



Micro Chipping



Cat clipping is available here.

Dental Care

Dental checkups as well as routine dentistry procedures are offered.


Screening Tests

Pets with ongoing conditions or who are treated indefinitely with medications need routine screening. We can also perform tests in house for patients with acute conditions


We offer cat boarding on site, and are partnered with Hanrob who offer dog boarding.